“To have a wall or room graced with Nancy Kirk's beautiful renditions of the Long Island sound, or a garden with birds on trellis or a sea with waves in a crescendo is to have a work of art that envelops you and cheers you with its delicacy, sensibility, and charm. These are jewels that elicit wonder and admiration from all, but most importantly are always fresh, inviting and a source of solace to me. Nancy’s taste is impeccable and she has the talent to match.  I am so pleased I got to know her and was able to have her work be part of my daily life.”  

Eva Kittay

Distinguished Professor of Philosophy

Stony Brook University

"I've been thinking about how to best describe Nancy… only wonderful things come to mind.


To begin with, I would describe her as an intelligent and compassionate artist who not only brings physical beauty to a blank canvas, but emotional and spiritual qualities as well. She is  clearly an educated and passionate artist, but it is the way she is able to communicate her talent that is so remarkable. I feel that I am always learning something new when I am with her. My children have also benefited from being around her. She has done a wonderful job of helping our family bring personality, creativity and beauty into our home.


We feel both grateful and blessed that we have had the opportunity to work with her."

Debby and Scott Rechler

RXR Realty

Long Island, New York

"After 10 years of living in our home in Old Brookville we decided to renovate most everything.  We were very specific with the results we wanted with all of our designers and contractors involved.  Once construction and installations were completed to our specs, we hired Nancy to put the finishing touches on a few of the newly completed rooms.  Unlike all the others we hired and monitored for the renovation, I simply asked Nancy to paint whatever she felt would be best.  As an artist myself, albeit a musical artist, I value the importance of free expression and wanted to allow Nancy do her thing the way she saw fit.  She asked us some questions to get an insight and understanding to the type of people and family we are.  

The results of Nancy’s artistic vision and work are magnificent and truly reflects our lives. She made our home more beautiful then we ever imagined it could be.”

Joel Simon


JSM Music, Inc.